Wednesday, May 9, 2012

StyleOver...Making Over Your Wardrobe One Hanger at a Time

Making Over Your Wardrobe One Hanger at a Time!

Often women complain that they have nothing to wear although their closets are busting at the seams! The problem is that most women do not know how to streamline their wardrobes- knowing what looks good on you and what does not is the first step of STYLING over – a makeover for your wardrobe and STYLE!

 Endless clothing options does not equate to always having something to wear, it can very well mean the opposite…nothing to wear. Not knowing how to wear your clothing in terms of styling can create a daunting task when dressing. To help ease your stress and help you become the style maven that you are destined to be, I have listed some steps to help you Styleover, one hanger at a time. It is time to EDIT your wardrobe and shop your own closet.

1.       Create a mood board that defines your style. Take in account your hobbies, lifestyle and career. Use a 22X28 foam board and divide it into three categories, hobbies, lifestyle , and career. Find pictures of clothing in magazines that represent these categories in your life. Include your favorite colors, silhouettes, fabrics, prints, etc.

2.       Pull clothing from your closet that fit these three categories. If the clothing does not fit put it aside, for later review. These will probably be the clothing that goes to charity.

3.       As you are pulling check the clothing for stains, tears, fit, and whether or not it is outdated. Check shoes for scuffs and missing heel taps. Clothing that is damaged or outdated, go into two categories; repair or throw away. Be honest with yourself…trust me if you have not worn it in a year, you will not miss it.  Unless it is one of those special occasion items….say your farewells.  

4.       Invite a trusted, fashionable friend over. Ask for her opinion on the items that you have selected to keep and the ones that define your style. Put on a mini fashion show to make it fun. Get her to help you put together outfits in order to maximize your wardrobe.  Photograph the outfits to refer to later. This will help you maximize your wardrobe!

5.       Purchase new uniformed hangers and organize your clothing according to color, sleeve length, style, etc. Find a new home for anything that is not clothing- you need to see what you have.

6.       Bag up everything that needs to be taken to be altered, shoe repair, and what you are donating to charity. Remember if it is damaged and you would not wear it, do not expect anyone else to wear it.

7.       This is the fun part…

Take inventory of your closet. See what you are missing, what you need, and what you die for. If in fact there is a void, GO SHOPPING!

8.       Take a picture of your mood board and upload the photos of your outfits on your smart phone to have a reference of what to wear and how to wear it. You can also purchase a small photo album and print 4X6 pictures of your “closet inventory” and “new style”. Knowing how to style your clothing and maximize your wardrobe will always keep you fashionable and chic!

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